Financial Wellbeing
We have the firm objective of creating awareness in our society in relation to the importance of acquiring the financial knowledge and skills and services that allow us to reach financial wellbeing, thus contributing to local financial growth, financial stability in families and companies.

In order to reach said objective, we offer:

and training

Financial Challenge

Training course in which participants improve their understanding of the most basic financing, accounting, investment and business concepts, with the instruction and advice from guest experts, in topics such as: Leadership, Economics, Sales, Real Estate Investment, Public Speech, Personal Image and Personal Motivation.

As opposed to any other financial education course, our training covers topics that will help you to develop the entrepreneurial personality and mentality needed in order to increase the success probabilities of any project or business.
“Live the experience of simulating real life in a controlled environment”
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Psychology of Sales
Experiential and personalized training. In addition to finding solutions to close and increase your sales from a psychological perspective, you’ll discover what’s your relationship with money, abundance and the scarcity that’s blocking your financial wellbeing.

Higher Sales = Financial Wellbeing

The result from this intensive training is discovering which are the obstacles that are stopping you to sell more, get new clients and new business opportunities.

“Have new clients, not just sales”

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In order to achieve your financial wellbeing, it is necessary to have the personality and mentality of a warrior, because life tests you with situations that require an internal conflict in order to get ahead.

The Samurai Game® is one of the most intense, challenging and powerful simulations available nowadays in the world. It provides specific training for effectiveness and team leadership as well as decision-making under uncertainty and unpredictable situations. It was invented in 1977 by George Leonard and there are just a few trainers in the world able to provide it.
The result of this intense training is finding out several conscious and unconscious reactions of personal and group behavior. It is an intense competition requiring integrity, honorability and dignity. Participants confront their own finiteness and the possibility of being born again, or having a second chance in life. We carry out a deep revision of your beliefs, emotions, feelings and physical reactions under uncertainty conditions.

Your individual and team integrity is tested, even when no one is looking. Participants will get to know,
among other elements, all support tools in high-pressure situations and commitment in moments with high quitting possibilities or imminent failure.

“Be prepared for everything”

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Private Investment
Wellin Group Shareholders

“Make money work for you”

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Financial Advice
Real Estate Broker
Experts will give you advice to choose the perfect mortgage, through personalized financial analysis.

  • Purchase
  • Construction
  • Real Estate remodeling
  • Land purchasing
  • Solvency and improvement of mortgage conditions

“We give advice from the start to the signing of your property’s deed"

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Assistance to operate your business
Land based and virtual offices with integral assistance services to consolidate your business.

Choose between a strategic location and all basic services to receive your clients and carry out meetings at one of our physical offices, or be free to operate your business from anywhere while we take care of each detail from one of our Virtual Offices. At W Workplaces your Virtual Office will have a fiscal and commercial address.

“Focus on your business, we’ll do the rest”

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