Customer privacy notice




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With foundation in the article 16 of the federal law of the protection of the personal data of the possession of private individuals, we communicate their rights as holder in relation with the personal information that you provided in the recruitment process as your providers and at the same time you as our customer.

The information that we solicitous concerning to your mail, name, federal taxpayer registration, address, amounts paid, banking institution where the payment procedures will be made and the interbank clabe, all this have the goal for this company to document the business transactions, fiscal effects comprobation, and for the payment of the services provided and performed the assignments of the information that requires The services of tributary administration according to the tax laws existing,with independence of the mention data, we inform you in the privacy terms that the information generated with reason of the relation of our customer with us as a company, it will also be liable to treatments and to the privacy notice, such as the referring to the payment of provided services, this information will be regarded for the responsible for security effects and they will be accorded just for the people in charge.

With the signature for this notice, you as the holder give us the possibility to manage your general personal data and the sensible data also to transfer your personal data without the necessary of a additional consent to this of the following persons: A) Government programs that we are legally obligated to provide, including the migratory, nationally and outsiders. B) If, WELLIN CAPITAL S.A.P.I. DE C.V. had offered on sale or had been in a work situation management the responsible could transfer your personal data to the purchaser C) National security company’s or outsiders such as the finance sector.

The treatment that we will give to your personal information will be strictly confidential, that why we have had taken the security administration measures such as the physical and electronics to avoid an information escape; as the responsible we never make a transferring to another person, no matter are physical persons or Moral persons your personal information express in this notice, at less we receive some authorization of you case in which we will communicate the privacy notice and the purposes to the ones you are attached.

We notify you that you can revoke the consent to this company to the treatment of your personal data.

You count with the following rights in relation with the provided data: